avalon plus

avalon plus

High pressure system avalon plus

Premex offers autoclave systems for process development in pharmaceutical and homogeneous catalysis. Parallel batch autoclaves with independent stirring, temperature and pressure control are used. Various gas and liquid dosing options are fully customisable.


  • Nominal volume ml: 4 x 100
  • Working volume ml: 60
  • Working pressure bar: 350
  • Working temperature °C: 250 (depending on material)
  • Material WNr. 1.4435 at or WNr. 2.4602
  • Union nut as lock M48 x1.5 mm, width across flats SW55
  • Seal: O-ring or metal on metal (cutting ring).
  • Central bore with magnetic stirrer coupling 20 Ncm and integrated micromotor 24V/DC
  • Output speed with ball bearing 0-1'150 rpm
  • Regulating shut-off valve for the gas supply
  • Regulating shut-off valve for pressure relief
  • Regulating shut-off valve with immersion tube for sampling
  • Optional quick couplings can be used for the individual connections to the fittings
  • Bursting disc holder equipped with bursting disc
  • Immersion tube for thermocouple with ø 3 mm (without thermocouple)
  • Temperature sensor Pt100 or type K suitable
  • Stirring element: gassing stirrer
  • Electric heating, reactors can be heated independently, power 650 Watt/reactor
  • 4 cooling coils and cooling valves NO or NC for controlled as well as emergency cooling

Variants/special features

Connection station module - gas panel

  • Complete with cooling water connection, gas supply and disposal, cable connections, pressure gauge and pressure transmitter.
  • Four blow-out lines from the rupture disc
  • Main line for gas connection with four outlets to the individual reactors
  • Main line for venting with four individual outlets
  • Gas dosing as an option
  • All connections for water cooling and all electrical connections are located at the rear of the connection station.

Control module "ordino package 4

  • To operate four reactors, we need two Ordino CS400 control units, PC and software.
  • In the base, the temperature is controlled independently of each other, switchable from internal to jacket control. Furthermore, cooling, pressure and stirring function.
  • The software offers ramp control, online chart, alarm control, historical trends and recipe control.

Autoclave system for process development

The avalon plus multiple reactor system consists of modular components. In the basic version, a quadruple chassis with independent heating units is one of the main features of the avalon plus. The scope also includes a connection station to the gas panel, ordino 400 controls, all integrated in a mobile frame.