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Magnetic stirrer drive isodrive

Magnetic stirrer drive isodrive convinces with its performance-optimised, compact design and the strong torques of 2-8 Nm, extendable to 40 Nm. This drive is the optimal companion for pilot plants in the pressure range up to 250 bar in the material version of WNr. 1.4435.


  • Designed for high-pressure laboratory reactors and large-scale reactors
  • The isodrive series can be easily mounted on a reactor cover with a flange ring. The connection dimensions differ between the versions with ball bearing or plain bearing.
  • Flange M45 x 1.5 or flange M60 x 2 mm
  • Sealing to the reactor cover either metal on metal or flat seal in a groove in the reactor cover
  • Magnetic coupling with enclosed drive magnet (no rotating parts outside except the drive shaft stump)
  • Pressure part sealed either medium o-ring or pure silver flat seal
  • Carrier part with cooling fins turned from the solid
  • Shaft length is individually adapted to the cover thickness of the reactor.
  • Output shaft with ball bearings in steel, optionally hybrid materials, or plain bearings depending on the area of application
  • Torque of magnetic coupling 2 Nm, 5 Nm, 8 Nm
  • Operating temperature 200°C, 250°C and 300°C
  • Pressure range 200 bar, 250 bar
  • Output speed from 0-550 rpm or 0-1'150 rpm
  • Speed pick-up on the output shaft is standard. The optimum supplement is our digital speed indicator type DZA for continuous monitoring of the rpm.
  • Output shaft ø 12 mm or ø 20 mm
  • Side-mounted purge valve
  • Adventages: High torque / due to the simple internal structure, it is possible to change from ball bearings to plain bearings at any time / No flexible coupling between drive and clutch required

Variants/special features

  • Two drive types are basically available. A three-phase motor is offered, controlled via a frequency converter, or a "Planetroll" ball roller gear in standard Ex design. With variant .1, the output speed is set via a potentiometer on the control unit from 200-1'200 rpm. (or other speeds can be selected). Version .2, on the other hand, is infinitely variable manually. Motors with an output speed of 0-550 rpm or 0-1'150 rpm are available. Connection 3 ×240/400 V, 50 Hz.
  • Operating temperature 250°C and 300°C
  • Torque 2 - 8 Nm (laboratory range) to 40 Nm (industrial sector)
  • Pressure range: WNr. 1.4435 can be used up to 200 bar / WNr. 2.4602 can be used up to 250 bar / WNr. 1.4980 can be used up to 700 bar

Simply convincing!

The series can be easily mounted on a reactor cover with a flange ring. The connection dimensions differ between the ball bearing and plain bearing versions. Two different motor variants and torques of 2-8 Nm are offered. For high-pressure autoclaves from 100 litres, we even extend this to 40 Nm.


Article No ExecutionNcmMaterial WNr.Temp. °CPres. barShaft ø mmVariationSealingL x W x H
120274 M 45 x 1.52001.443525020012AC motor223 x 185 x 557
120276 M 45 x 1.52002.460230025012AC motor223 x 185 x 557
120277 M 45 x 1.55001.443525020012AC motor223 x 185 x 572
120279 M 45 x 1.55002.460230025012AC motor223 x 185 x 572
120280 M 60 x 28001.443525020020AC motor186 x 224 x 720
120282 M 60 x 28002.460230025020AC motor186 x 224 x 720
129285 M 45 x 1.52001.443525020012Planetroll263 x 190 x 651
129289 M 45 x 1.52002.460230025012Planetroll263 x 190 x 651
129295 M 45 x 1.55001.443525020012Planetroll263 x 190 x 750
129299 M 45 x 1.55002.460230025012Planetroll263 x 190 x 750
129300 M 60 x 28001.443525020020Planetroll287 x 447 x 872
129305 M 60 x 28002.460230025020Planetroll287 x 447 x 872
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