Hochdruckreaktor, Batch Autoklav, Magnetrührantrieb, Backenverschluss


Wall-mounted baffle

Stream breakers help to interrupt the rotation of the liquid and avoid the formation of whirlpools. They are used in the technical mixing of substances. Our presented model is wall-mounted to your reactor diameter. The baffle ring has a notch, can be easily compressed and clamped in the reaction vessel. The rounded base additionally holds the baffle in position.


  • Dimensions: ø 45 x 70 mm for approx. 100 ml vessel
  • 2 baffle rings in selectable sizes: from ø 45 - 120 mm
  • 4 baffle blades arranged at 90° to each other inside the baffle ring
  • The number of baffle blades can be selected as required.
  • Assembly: The baffle rings have an incision of 7 mm, can be easily pressed together and clamped in the reaction vessel (spring principle, see Fig. 3).
  • Materials WNr. 1.4435 or WNr. 2.4602
  • Other materials and other baffle types on request

Variants/special features

We can offer you other types of baffles:

  • Wall-mounted baffle ring, fixed below autoclave lid
  • Individual flat bars mounted underneath the autoclave lid
  • Baffle ring enclosing the stirrer and fixed to a tube underneath the lid

Optimum disturbance effect

To prevent the (low-viscosity) liquid from rotating along with it, thereby preventing the formation of vortices and generating higher turbulence, baffles are used. For higher viscosity liquids, baffles are not necessary or even worsen the stirring result.