Magnetic stirrer drive airplay

The "air-" assembly consists of a permanent magnetic coupling and flange-mounted air motor. A cardan coupling is therefore not necessary. The agitator system runs with less vibration and significantly reduces the overall height. The speed regulation is infinitely variable via a fine adjustment valve and can be read off via an analogue tachometer. The complete stirring system is supplied with ATEX certificate. Various stirring tools can be mounted on the ø 7 mm output shaft.


  • Conical connection NS 29/32
  • Flanged air motor for hazardous areas
  • Sealing to the reactor cover with two O-rings in series, made of Viton in the stainless version or Kalrez in application with HC.
  • Torque of the magnetic coupling 40 Ncm - 90 Ncm
  • Material WNr. 1.4435 (AISI 316L) or Hastelloy C22 (WNr. 2.4602) as standard.
  • Operating temperature 240 °C
  • Rust-resistant ball bearing on the output shaft. Hastelloy or titanium versions with plain bearing PTFE/carbon.
  • Maximum speed 1'750 rpm with ball bearing.
  • Output shaft ø 7 mm for mounting the stirrer.
  • PLR compressed air laboratory stirrer with a power of 200 W at an operating pressure of 6 bar, clockwise rotation.
  • Compressed air consumption 260l/min. at 6 bar.
  • Retaining tube ø 14 mm with hose nozzle ø 9 mm
  • PLR compressed-air laboratory stirrer with analogue speed display

Variants/special features

  • Permanent magnetic coupling with torques of 40 Ncm, 60 Ncm or 90 Ncm.
  • The magnetic stirrer drive is available in stainless steel WNr. 1.4435 (316L), WNr. 1.4980 (660), WNr. 2.4602 (Hastelloy C22) and in other materials for wetted parts.
  • Rust-resistant ball bearings are used in the stainless version with a max. speed of 1'750 rpm. Plain bearings PTFE/carbon are used in the HC version with a max. speed of 1'200 rpm.

Modern and memorable

The proven technology of air motors paired with a magnetic stirrer becomes the new air line. We present the combinations with a flange connection, two cone variants or a threaded connection.

Article No ExecutionNcmMaterial WNr.Temp. °CPressure barShaft Dia.VariationO-Ring VitonL x W x H mm
126566 NS 18.8/26201.4435240Vacuum, pressureless6without Reedinch40 x 40 x 187
127412 NS 29/32402.4602240Vacuum, pressureless7rpm Hall sensorinch89 x 160 x 374
128603 NS 29/32601.4435240Vacuum, pressureless7rpm Hall sensorinch89 x 160 x 374
127413 NS 29/32602.4602240Vacuum, pressureless7rpm Hall sensorinch89 x 160 x 374
128604 NS 29/32901.4435240Vacuum, pressureless7rpm Hall sensorinch89 x 160 x 398
127414 NS 29/32902.4602240Vacuum, pressureless7rpm Hall sensorinch89 x 160 x 398
127197 NS 29/32401.4435240Vacuum, pressureless7rpm Hall sensorinch89 x 160 x 374
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