Hochdruckreaktor, Autoklav, Magnetrührdurchführung, Hydrierung


High pressure reactor twister

The twister reactors are suitable for everything from hydrogenation, polymerisation or catalyst research in chemical laboratories to small-scale production in pilot plants in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


  • Nominal volume ml: 60, 100, 250, 380, 500, 1000
  • Working pressure bar: 200 bar
  • Working temperature °C: 200
  • Material WNr. 1.4435 or WNr. 2.4602
  • Jaw lock (quick lock)
  • FKM O-ring lying in autoclave vessel
  • Magnetic stirrer head minipower series flexibly coupled to motor
  • Three-phase motor 120 Watt resp. 180 Watt or Heidolph drive
  • Output speed with ball bearing 0-1'300 rpm, with plain bearing 0-1'200 rpm.
  • Pressure station on chassis with manometer and pressure transducer 0-250 bar
  • Needle valve for gas supply
  • Needle valve for pressure relief
  • Needle valve with dip tube for sampling and emptying
  • Bursting disc holder equipped with bursting disc 250 bar
  • Immersion tube with temperature sensor Pt100 or type K
  • Stirring element: gas supply stirrer
  • Electric heating or double jacket heating for heat transfer oil
  • Control unit ordino CS320 is the perfect complement to twister

Variants/special features

  • Thanks to the positioned swivel device, the stirrer motor can be unhooked from its flexible grid coupling and turned to the side.
  • The retaining ring for putting down the autoclave lid is practical. The magnetic stirrer head and all other fittings can be lifted off the vessel with the lid and carefully placed on the retaining ring. The flexible tube connections play their full part in this. Immersion tubes and stirrers hang freely and remain completely undisturbed. The way is clear for the removal of the vessel.
  • Spring tubes leading from the autoclave lid to the fixed connections guarantee maximum freedom of movement.
  • Important instruments are the manometer and pressure transducer, brought together in the pressure station on the stand. A spiral spring tube ensures the transmission of pressure values from the autoclave interior to the instruments.
  • The twister is easy to network. The electrical connections to the c-m2 or CS320 control unit are prepared in the connector strip on the stand.

twister is a sophisticated, innovative and highly flexible batch reactor.

Spiral spring tubes, for example, provide a flexible connection from the autoclave lid to the pressure station. Innovative - this is how we see the popular jaw closure up to 200 bar or exchangeable reaction vessels in several sizes. And well thought-out is the electric heating combined with outer jacket cooling or a double jacket design for heat transfer oil.The batch reactor is an excellent model for a variety of different reactions such as standard hydrogenations, asymmetric hydrogenations, etc.


Article No Vol. mlPres PS barTemp. TS C°Pres PA barTemp. PA C°Mat. WNr.Sensor / HeatingDrive / VersionL x W x H mm
135695 602503002002001.4435Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W420x371x726
135753 602503002002002.4602Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W420x371x726
135672 1002503002002001.4435Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W420x371x726
135722 1002503002002002.4602Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W420x371x726
133759 2502503002002001.4435Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W470x480x741
133777 2502503002002001.44351 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x480x853
133854 2502503002002002.4602Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W470x480x736
133848 2502503002002002.46021 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x480x849
133685 3802503002002001.4435Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W470x480x746
133716 3802503002002001.44351 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x485x870
133822 3802503002002002.4602Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W470x480x737
133842 3802503002002002.46021 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x485x853
133421 5002503002002001.4435Type K, electric60 Ncm/Motor 120W470x485x746
133575 5002503002002001.44351 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x485x870
133808 5002503002002002.4602Type K, electric60 Ncm/Motor 120W470x485x737
133818 5002503002002002.46021 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x485x859
133674 10002503002002001.4435Type K, electric90 Ncm/Motor 180W470x510x751
133634 10002503002002001.44351 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x510x880
133800 10002503002002002.4602Type K, electric90 Ncm/Motor 180W470x510x746
133796 10002503002002002.46021 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x510x870
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