Hochdruckreaktor, Batch Autoklav, Magnetrührantrieb, Backenverschluss


High pressure reactor varioso

The core piece is the autoclave "vivor" with its compact 60 ml or 100 ml, an operating temperature of up to 300°C and 480 bar depending on the material used. In terms of safety, we rely on a union nut, a conical ring seal and additional O-ring.


  • Nominal volume ml: 60, 100
  • Working volume ml: 20-40, 40-60
  • Working pressure bar: 200, 280, 480
  • Working temperature °C: 200, 250, 300
  • Material WNr. 1.4435 at 200 bar - WNr. 2.4602 at 250 bar - WNr. 1.4980 at 280 bar
  • Union nut as lock M48 x1.5 mm, width across flats SW55
  • Double sealed: O-ring and medium seal metal to metal (cutting ring).
  • Sitec 3-way valve with metering spindle for gas supply and pressure relief
  • Pressure gauge in chemical version
  • Bursting disc holder equipped with bursting disc
  • Immersion tube for thermocouple with ø 3 mm (without thermocouple)
  • Temperature sensor Pt1000 or type K suitable

The magnetic stirrer hotplate for highest demands and highest safety

  • Heidolph heating plate with magnetic stirrer diameter 145 mm
  • Insulating jacket and cooling water connection in the dimensions matched to the heating plate
  • The cooling coil for water cooling is mounted on the copper sleeve inside the insulating jacket
  • Flow and return have a connection M16 x 1 mm
  • Additional borehole for mounting a thermosensor if the jacket temperature is to be regulated
  • All-round sealed housing against corrosive gases and liquids
  • Protection of the plug connections at the back of the unit
  • Strong stirrer magnet for reliable stirring rod entrainment
  • Optimum safety due to overheating protection and single magnetic stirrer with 4 safety circuits
  • Unintentional adjustment of the set temperature impossible
  • Safety shut-off via second independent Pt 100 in the heating plate
  • Adjustable safety temperature at which the unit switches off
  • Digital display for set and actual temperature, safety T, speed
  • Guaranteed not to exceed the selected set temperature (protection of thermolabile substances)
  • Electronically controlled speed, control accuracy ±1%.
  • RS 232 interface and analogue output MR 3004 safety series

Variants/special features

  • Basic model: Central fitting with 3 connections + 1 x reactor cover or 4 connections starting directly from the reactor cover.
  • Pressure stages: 200, 250 or 480 bar depending on the choice of material.
  • Temperature stages °C: 200, 250, 300 depending on the choice of material.
  • Material for wetted parts WNr.: 1.4435 (AISI 316L), 2.4602 (HC22) and 1.4980 (AISI 660) as standard. Versions in Hastelloy C276, B3 or titanium size 2 on request.
  • The autoclave vessel is double-sealed: once in the upper area by an O-ring made of Viton, EPDM or Kalrez and at the bottom via a metal-to-metal medium seal (cutting ring).
  • Temperature sensor Pt1000, type K or type N in the immersion tube for measuring the medium temperature (not included in delivery).

You can expect a lot!

We don't just focus on the right content in a secure framework. We also offer a lot of remarkably useful detailed solutions. That's why we designed the compact small autoclave system varioso for you. You will encounter a symbiosis between reactor vivor, a magnetic heating/stirring plate and a fully coordinated cooling system. You use the stirring element yourself according to your needs, for example a magnetic stirring rod.

Article No Vol. mlPres PS barTemp. TS C°Pres PA barTemp. PA C°Mat. WNr.Sensor / HeatingDrive / VersionL x W x H mm
132341 602502252002001.4435Type KSitec special valve277x161x396
130095 602502252002001.4435Pt 10002 needle valves277x161x364
132339 603502752802502.4602Type KSitec special valve277x161x396
130096 603502752802502.4602Pt 10002 needle valves277x161x364
132340 606003254803001.4980Type KSitec special valve277x161x396
132338 1002502252002001.4435Type KSitec Spezialventil277x161x435
130097 1002502252002001.4435Pt 10002 needle valves277x161x403
132336 1003502752802502.4602Type KSitec special valve277x161x435
130098 1003502752802502.4602Pt 10002 needle valves277x161x403
132337 1006003254803001.4980Type KSitec special valve277x161x435
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