Magnetic stirrer head macfix

Laboratory stirrer for intensive mixing of samples up to 5 l (H2O). The reduced design and concentration on the essentials make macfix a reliable laboratory companion.


  • Thread connection M30x2 mm
  • Lateral regulating shut-off valve
  • Sealing to reactor cover by means of metal cutting ring
  • Torque of the magnetic coupling 20 Ncm - 90 Ncm
  • Material WNr. 1.4435 (AISI 316L) or WNr. 2.4602 (HC22) as standard.
  • Operating temperature 250°C or 300 °C
  • Operating pressure 200 bar and 250 bar according to the selected material
  • Rust-resistant ball bearing on the output shaft. Hastelloy or titanium versions with plain bearing PTFE/carbon.
  • Maximum speed 1'500 rpm with ball bearings.
  • Speed pick-up by means of reed contact and pulse generator
  • Drive shaft ø 7 mm for on-site drive
  • Output shaft ø 7 mm for mounting the stirrer
  • Suitable stirrers, e.g. gassing stirrers ø 25 or ø 38 mm, are available in various lengths and materials.

Variants/special features

  • Torque of the magnetic coupling 20 Ncm, 40 Ncm, 60 Ncm, 90 Ncm as standard and a special edition 110 Ncm, 150 Ncm and 200 Ncm
  • Material WNr. 1.4435 at 200 bar and WNr. 2.4602 at 250 bar as standards. Special solutions such as WNr. 1.4980 at 700 bar or other materials on request.
  • Rust-resistant deep-groove ball bearings on the output shaft for the WNr. 1.4435 version. Hastelloy version with plain bearing PTFE/carbon.
  • Maximum speed 1'300 rpm. with ball bearing and 1'200 rpm. with plain bearing.
  • Side valve for gas supply type Sitec or Whitey

A clear idea

You have a clear idea of what a magnetic stirrer head has to do for you. It must be easy to mount on your autoclave lid, should withstand high pressures and temperatures and at the same time offer a high degree of safety. Of course, in addition to the choice of torque, you also expect speed measurement directly on the output shaft, a gas supply and high flexibility when replacing the stirring elements. All this is no problem for the macfix, it combines all properties.

Article No ExecutionNcmMaterial WNr.Temp. °CPres. barOutput Shaft øVariationL x W x H mm
120001 M 30 x 2201.44352502007Reed, valve162 x 50 x 175
120003 M 30 x2202.46023002507Reed, valve162 x 50 x 175
120004 M 30 x 2401.44352502007Reed, valve162 x 50 x 187
120006 M 30 x 2402.46023002507Reed, valve162 x 50 x 187
120007 M 30 x 2601.44352502007Reed, valve162 x 50 x 209
120009 M 30 x2602.46023002507Reed, valve162 x 50 x 209
120010 M 30 x 2901.44352502007Reed, valve162 x 50 x 231
120012 M 30 x 2902.46023002507Reed, valve162 x 50 x 231
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