Magnetic stirrer head macline

Flowing and dynamic in form, macline is used especially where limited space in autoclave construction plays a role. The series is pressure resistant up to 250 bar and temperature resistant up to 300°C. A speed reduction on the output shaft is standard. Simply add the digital speed indicator DZA to the macline.


  • Thread connection M30x2 mm
  • Sealing to reactor cover by means of metal cutting ring
  • Torque of the magnetic coupling 20 Ncm - 90 Ncm
  • Material WNr. 1.4435 (AISI 316L) or WNr. 2.4602 (HC22) as standard.
  • Operating temperature 250°C or 300 °C
  • Operating pressure 200 bar, 250 bar according to the selected material
  • Rust-resistant ball bearing on the output shaft. Hastelloy or titanium versions with plain bearing PTFE/carbon.
  • Maximum speed 1'500 rpm with ball bearings.
  • Speed pick-up by means of reed contact and pulse generator
  • Drive shaft ø 7 mm for on-site drive
  • Output shaft ø 7 mm for mounting the stirrer
  • Suitable stirrers, e.g. gassing stirrers ø25 or ø 38 mm, are available in various lengths and materials.

Variants/special features

  • Torque of the magnetic coupling 20 Ncm, 40 Ncm, 60 Ncm, 90 Ncm and as special edition 110 Ncm, 150 Ncm, 200 Ncm
  • Material WNr. 1.4435 at 200 bar, WNr. 2.4602 at 250 bar or further materials on request.
  • Rust-resistant deep-groove ball bearings on the output shaft for the WNr. 1.4435 version. Hastelloy version with plain bearing PTFE/carbon.
  • Maximum speed 1'300 rpm with ball bearing and 1'200 rpm with plain bearing.

A proven magnetic stirrer head

Even the smallest daily helper should be able to inspire you and accompany you for many years. For this reason, our magnetic stirrers are uncompromising when it comes to quality and reliability. Ball bearings or plain bearings can be changed in no time at all.

Article No ExecutionNcmMaterial WNr.Temp. °CPres. barOutput Shaft øVariationL x W x H mm
120026 M 30 x 2201.44352502007rpm Reed93 x 50 x 175
120028 M 30 x 2202.46023002507rpm Reed93 x 50 x 175
120029 M 30 x 2401.44352502007rpm Reed93 x 50 x 187
120031 M 30 x 2402.46023002507rpm Reed93 x 50 x 187
120033 M 30 x 2601.44352502007rpm Reed93 x 50 x 209
120035 M 30 X 2602.46023002507rpm Reed93 x 50 x 209
120036 M 30 X 2901.44352502007rpm Reed93 x 50 x 231
120038 M30 X 2902.46023002507rpm Reed93 x 50 x 231
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