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High pressure reactor cobalt

With the combi reactor, we relied on the smooth-running, hydraulic lifting device and the change from a glass reactor to a steel reactor. Handling without any effort!


  • Nominal volume glass vessel ml: 500, 1000, 1500
  • Nominal volume steal vessel ml: 500, 1000, 1500, 2000
  • Working temperature °C: -20 to + 225
  • Glass reactor made of borosilicate 3.3. Double jacket design with bottom drain valve.
  • Steel vessel material WNr. 1.4435 or WNr. 2.4602
  • Operating overpressure glass reactor -1 bar or up to +10 bar
  • Operating overpressure double jacket steel reactor 60 bar
  • Quick release: Jaw lock can be opened by hand directly below the chassis plate. The chassis plate keeps the reactor centred.
  • O-ring seal Viton, Kalrez or EPDM lying in the autoclave vessel
  • Magnetic stirrer head macfix lwith a torque of 60 or 90 Ncm, connected to the laboratory drive via a flexible coupling.
  • Laboratory drive Heidolph Hei Torque 100 Value
  • Alternatively: three-phase motor 120 Watt resp. 180 Watt (see photos) or IKA drive on request
  • Output speed with ball bearing 0-1'300 rpm, with plain bearing 0-1'200 rpm.
  • Pressure gauge chemical version
  • Valve for gas supply
  • Valve for pressure relief
  • Valve with immersion tube for sampling and draining
  • Spring pressure safety valve, resp. HC bursting disc holder with bursting disc
  • Immersion tube with temperature sensor Pt100
  • Stirring element: gas flushing stirrer or other can be used
  • Heating: double jacket for heat transfer oil
  • 8-cornered base chassis, height adjustable via the four adjustable feet
  • Drip tray removable from the base of the chassis
  • Safety discs made of PET, can be opened to 180°C
  • Dimensions with opened safety panes W 1048 mm

Variants/special features

  • For Mettler Toledo applications, the glass reactor cobalt can be extended by a frame and connected to peripheral devices for dosing, measurement and control as described below.
  • Mettler Toledo "Easy Sampler 1210 - unattended representative sampling
  • Mettler Toledo "ECB - Easy Control Boy for sensors and pump control in the laboratory.
  • Mettler Toledo "React IR15 - a data acquisition and analysis system
  • Mettler Toledo "Gas Take up System - measurement of gas consumption
  • Mettler Toledo "RX-10 - reactor control system
  • Huber "petite fleure Unistat for dynamic and highly accurate temperature control of research reactors at -40 to + 200°C

Combi reactor with glass or metal vessel

The big plus of the cobalt are processes in the glass reactor from -1 to 10 bar as well as at 60 bar in the double jacket steel vessel. A quick-change device ensures that the reaction vessels can be exchanged with a flick of the wrist. Both vessels operate under the same autoclave lid, which is integrated into the suspension of the chassis and anchored there with its fittings and supply lines.

Article No Vol. mlPres PS barTemp. TS C°Pres PA barTemp. PA C°Mat. WNr.Sensor / HeatingDrive / VersionL x W x H mm
133222 50060250602501.4435Pt100 / fluidSteel vessel500x635x1428
134258 50010225102251.4435Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
134320 50060250602501.4435Pt100 / fluidSteel vessel500x635x1428
133168 50010225102251.4435Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
134302 50010225102252.4602Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
134293 50010225102252.4602Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
133255 100060250602501.4435Pt100 / fluidSteel vessel500x635x1428
134321 100060250602501.4435Pt100 / fluidSteel vessel500x635x1428
133166 100010225102251.4435Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
134256 100010225102251.4435Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
134303 100010225102252.4602Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
134294 100010225102252.4602Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
133196 150060250602501.4435Pt100 / fluidSteel vessel500x635x1428
134322 150060250602501.4435Pt100 / fluidSteel vessel500x635x1428
133151 150010225102251.4435Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
134245 150010225102251.4435Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
134304 150010225102252.4602Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
134295 150010225102252.4602Pt100 / fluidGlass vessel500x635x1428
133215 200060250602501.4435Pt100 / fluidSteel vessel500x635x1428
134323 200060250602501.4435Pt100 / fluidSteel vessel500x635x1428
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