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High pressure reactor prator

Our high-pressure autoclave "prator" is a professional solution for your reactions. A pneumatic cylinder raises and lowers the reaction vessel against the lid, enabling fixed installation of the piping to the fittings on the reactor lid.


  • Nominal volume Lt.: 2 - 10
  • Working pressure in bar: 100, 200, 325, 400
  • Working temperature °C: 500
  • Material WNr. 1.4435, 1.4980 or WNr. 2.4602
  • Reactor closure: Expansion bolts and nuts in WNr. 1.7225
  • Reactor seal: flat seal made of pure silver or graphite
  • Magnetic stirrer drive isodriv, three-phase motor 550W - 1.5 kW, 3x240/400V, 4-pole.
  • Torque of the magnetic coupling from 2 Nm - 8 Nm
  • Bearings on output shaft: corrosion-resistant ball bearings, plain bearings PTFE/carbon
  • Output speed with ball bearings 0-1300 rpm, with plain bearings 0-1'200 rpm.
  • Pressure station on chassis with manometer and pressure transducer and pressure transmitter
  • Needle valve for gas supply
  • Needle valve for pressure relief
  • Needle valve with dip tube for sampling and emptying
  • Bursting disc holder equipped with bursting disc
  • Temperature sensor type K, type N, or Pt100 in the immersion tube for measuring the medium temperature
  • Stirring element: selectable e.g. inclined blade stirrer
  • Electric heating (coil heating) 3 - 7 kW or fluid heating (double jacket)
  • Cooling coil cast into the aluminium block or double jacket cooling
  • Dimensions H x D x W approx. 2000-2200 x 700 x 800 mm

Variants/special features

Optional equipment according to illustrated customer model

  • Nominal volume 10 lt.
  • Calculation pressure 320 bar, operating pressure 100 bar, -50-+250 °C
  • Vessel and lid in WNr. 1.4980, rest of WNr. 1.4435
  • Closure: expansion bolts and nuts
  • Seal: flat gasket Gylon
  • Magnetic stirrer drive isodrive 5 Nm with 2-pole motor 1.1 kW, 240/420 V
  • Ball bearing at the output shaft 100-2800UpM.
  • Gassing stirrer with baffle, interchangeable with disc stirrer
  • 1 x immersion tube with thermal sensor 1 x 4-Pt100 in the medium
  • 1 x Whitey valve for feeding liquid (pump)
  • 1 x Whitey valve for feeding ammonia
  • 1 x Whitey valve for gas feed
  • 1 x Whitey valve for pressure relief
  • 1 x Whitey valve with immersion tube 1/8" up to stirrer height for sampling
  • 1 x bursting disc holder with bursting disc 30 bar
  • 1 x pressure gauge 0-40 bar and pressure transducer 0-40 bar = 4-20mA mounted on a block at the chassis
  • 1 x reserve bore with plug
  • 1 x reserve bore vertical with plug for optical probe
  • 1 x gas dosing station controlled by mass flow controller
  • Double jacket for heating and cooling with heat transfer oil.