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High pressure reactor pollux

Our high-pressure autoclave "pollux" is a perfection in reactor construction. It is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder that allows the reactor vessel to be lifted against the lid. This design offers the advantage that all piping to the fittings on the reactor lid can be permanently installed. The pneumatic control system and the cooling water valves are installed in the rear wall of the reactor chassis and are accessible at the front through a service opening.


  • Nominal volume ml: 1000 - 2000
  • Working pressure in bar: 100, 200, 250
  • Working temperature °C: 200
  • Material WNr. 1.4435, 1.4980 or WNr. 2.4602
  • Jaw lock (quick lock) up to 200 bar
  • Expansion bolts and nuts from 200 bar
  • Reactor seal: O-rings Seal in various materials for jaw seal
  • Reactor seal: flat seal for the expansion screw variant made of pure silver or graphite
  • Magnetic stirrer drive funrun in combination with three-phase motor 180W
  • Torque of magnetic coupling 90 Ncm
  • Bearing on output shaft: corrosion-resistant ball bearing, plain bearing PTFE/carbon or pure graphite
  • Output speed with ball bearings 0-1'500 rpm, with plain bearings 0-1'200 rpm.
  • Pressure station on chassis with manometer and pressure transducer 0-250 bar
  • Needle valve for gas supply
  • Needle valve for pressure relief
  • Needle valve with dip tube for sampling and emptying
  • Bursting disc holder equipped with bursting disc 250 bar
  • Immersion tube with temperature sensor type K or Pt100 4p for fluid heating version
  • Stirring element: selectable e.g. inclined blade stirrer
  • Electric heating (coil heating) or fluid heating (double jacket)
  • Dimensions H x D x W approx. 1200 x 480 x 540 mm

Play without limits

There are almost no limits to the customer's choice of set-ups for the "pollux". Options such as Ph probe, IR probe, level probe for continuous reaction and rotating catalyst basket are possible.