Magnetic stirrer head minifiz

This magnetic stirrer head originates from the mini series with a head diameter of ø 40 mm and the proven conical connection NS 29/32 for glass applications in the low pressure or vacuum range.


  • Conical connection NS 29/32
  • Sealing to the reactor cover with two O-rings in series, made of Viton in the stainless version or Kalrez in application with HC.
  • Torque of the magnetic coupling 20 Ncm or 50 Ncm.
  • Material WNr. 1.4435 (AISI 316L) or Hastelloy C22 (WNr. 2.4602) as standard.
  • Operating temperature 240 °C
  • Rust-resistant ball bearing on the output shaft. Hastelloy or titanium versions with plain bearing PTFE/carbon.
  • Maximum speed 1'550 rpm with ball bearings.
  • Drive shaft (coupled to on-site drive) ø 7 mm
  • Output shaft ø 6 mm for mounting the stirrer.

Variants/special features

  • Sealing via O-rings on the conical part made of Viton, Kalrez or qualities on request.
  • Torque of the magnetic coupling 20 or 50 Ncm.
  • Material for medium-touched parts WNr. 1.4435, WNr. 2.4602. Versions in Hastelloy C276, B3 or Titan Gr. 2 on request.
  • Maximum speed 1'550 rpm for ball bearing / 1'200 rpm for plain bearing application.

For optimal mixing

Magnetic stirrer head minifiz NS29/32 for optimal mixing of fluids at a torque of 50 Ncm and an operating temperature of 230°C.


Article No ExecutionNcmMaterial WNr.Temp. °CPressure barShaft Dia.VariationO-Ring VitonL x W x H mm
128572 NS 29/32201.4435240Vacuum, pressureless6inch40 x 40 x 148
120265 NS 29/32202.4602240Vacuum, pressureless6inch40 x 40 x 148
128573 NS 29/32501.4435240Vacuum, pressureless6inch40 x 40 x 166
127103 NS 29/32502.4602240Vacuum, pressureless6inch40 x 40 x 166
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