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High pressure reactor pyron

We manufacture customised reactors and agitators in sizes up to 300 litres, also ATEX approved. Stainless steel, Hastelloy and a wide range of exotic materials are available.


Basic data and construction
  • Nominal volume: 100 Lt.
  • Working pressure: 80 bar
  • Working temperature °C: 230
  • Material WNr. 1.4571 or other materials on request.
  • Welded construction made of three forged pieces. Floor-standing model on 3 legs with floor fastening.
  • Locking by means of stud bolts and nuts, sealed via O-ring or flat seal (variant).
  • Also pipe with sensor type K in the medium.
  • Pressure gauge 0-100 bar, pressure transducer 0-100 bar=4-20mA. Both fittings also available in Ex.
  • Sitec valve with immersion tube ø 20 x 1 mm to floor for sampling.
  • Spring pressure safety valve füv tested 80 bar or burst protection (variant)
  • Valve connections 1 1/2" for product inlet, pressure relief and gas feed
 Stirring system
  • Magnetic stirrer drive isodrive 40 Nm equipped with a planetary roller gear. The speed adjustment 0-550 rpm is carried out via the handwheel. An Ex version is possible. Our example provides for a planetary roller gear. A three-phase motor, controlled by a frequency converter via potentiometer, would also be possible.
  • Sealing medium from the magnetic stirrer drive to the autoclave cover via O-ring or metal on metal
  • Ball bearing on the output shaft. Other bearings on request.
  • 3 x inclined blade stirrers on the same shaft, whereby the stirring blades are height-adjustable. The stirrer is fixed with two half-jaws. 1 x ejector disc on the output shaft, underneath the recator cover.
  • 3 x baffles in the form of flat bars mounted on the cover
  • Our example provides for an electric heater 30 kW. However, a double-shell construction is also possible. In this case, the temperature is controlled by heat transfer oil and regulated by means of the heating/cooling thermostat.
  • The entire autoclave with heating/cooling block is insulated on the outside and covered with a chromium steel jacket in WNr. 1.4301.
  • Water cooling in the outer jacket by means of a cooling spiral. The cooling water valve is mounted accordingly outside the insulating jacket, 24 V (NO). Option Ex possible.
  • Temperature sensor 2 x type K in heating/cooling block.

Pilot scale reactor

The P-line is our range of pneumatic lifting models. We scale them up to 100-300 litres or stage large volumes as a stand-alone assembly, in a three-leg design. The entire autoclave system can be built with explosion protection. A complete Atex approval for the system is also possible. The principles of the calculations are in accordance with the Swiss Safety Center or tüv.